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Frequently Asked Questions about STC30

Seye James for Superlife
Seye James for Superlife

FAQs about STC30

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Q: Can stc30 take care of ovarian cyst? 

A: Yes, definitely

Q: Can STC30 be dissolved in lukewarm water before taking it?

A: No. It is to be specifically placed under the tongue

Q: Can stc30 be used for fibroid?

A: Yes, most definitely. It helps to manage fibroid growths and complications

Q: Can STC30 be consumed by a conceiving woman?

A: A pregnant woman should not take STC30. There is lack of data on whether STC30 is safe during pregnancy. Supplements don't go through the same testing and approval process as
prescription and over-the counter  medications. The exact combination of
ingredients might vary from batch to batch. Studies indicate that using some supplements during pregnancy can
result in deleterious outcomes for the mother and the unborn child. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor.

Q: Can I get SNC?

A: Yes,it is available

Q: Please how many boxes must a child take.. Or you have to be on for a life time?

A: STC30 deals to rectify the problematic illness, not the symptoms, as soon as the illness or disease is fixed, one can stop 

Q: How many will they need

A: Depends on condition, the more severe the illness, the longer the treatment may take

Q: Hello please can you take stc 30 and still take a blood tonic like tot'hema?

A: Yes. Only at least one hour after taking STC30. You don't have to stop your current medications.

Q: Does it heal numbness in the body.

A: Numbness is a sign of nerve damage, yes, STC30 can make cells to deal with the problem

Q: I'm here in San I need medication for fibroids 

A: Hit me on Whatsapp. I will connect you with a distributor closest to you

Q: Can STC30 cure Breast cancer? How many Sachets will be required to do that?

A: Yes it can, need to take into note the stage of the cancer and current treatment being done

Q: Do I brush my mouth first before taking stc30?

A: Avoid drinking water used for rinsing

Q: Is it ok for tuberculosis patients to take it?

A: Yes, in combination with TB treatment, it is very advised.

Q: What are the side effects of STC 30?

A: Like every other medicinal product, a very few persons have complained of mild to moderate fever, headaches, chills, flushing and nausea during the course of using STC30

Q: Will STC help dissolve kidney stones?

A: No, STC 30 cannot dissolve kidney stones. But studies indicate that stem cells can protect the kidneys from injury and accelerate healing. In addition, Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists have identified protein candidates secreted from mesenchymal stem cells that may be administered independently to aid in kidney repair.

Q: Can STC30 help with infertility problems? 

A: Yes, by naturally activating your related stem cell, Superlife STC30 Can help you improve your fertility. Stem cells are multipotent original cells that can divide into various other cells for repair, development, and regeneration.

Studies of experimental models have shown that treating infertility with stem cel ltherapy is gaining acceptance.

Q: Can a 2 year old take STC30 supplement?

A: No, avoid giving STC 30 Supplement to a child unless you have discussed with your pediatrician.

Researchers do not recommend any herbal products for children. Children have developed seizures and infections from herbal teas and remedies, lead poisoning and mercury poisoning from traditional remedies, and liver damage from dietary supplements.

Q: Can I drink water after taking STC30 supplement? 

A: Yes, the makers of STC30 supplement recommends that you drink plenty of water (at least 2 Liters) daily after using STC30 for proper detoxification.

Feedback and Testimonies (STC30)

Feedback and Testimonies

These are a few acknowledgement and review of STC30 from users

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