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(New) 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program

In a World Where 98% of Online Money-Making Opportunities Are Scams:

Complete newbies are legally making as much as N750k a month using their smart phones plus a new & simple money-making technique called the...

"N107k Per Week WhatsApp Income Engine." See more info here

What You Are Getting:

You are getting the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator - The complete step by step training that takes you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to N750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire. (Value - N750,000)

You are getting version 2.0 of the 72IG Implementation Program which teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic and takes your digital marketing skills to a new level. (Value - N800,000)

You are getting a done for you WhatsApp Income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible. (Value - N150,000)

You are getting a 1 year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account which is normally N10k a year. (Value - N10,000)

You are getting my Twitter Money Blueprint which gives you tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp. (Value - N25,000)

You are getting a whooping 50% Commission per sale when you refer someone to buy the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator via Expertnaire. (Value - N25,000)

And you will also be getting access to a 3-hour weekly online support class where we will also be helping you tackle any of the challenges you might have.  (Value - Priceless)

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