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Nigerian Digital Marketplace is a platform for connecting people to real and working high value information and opportunities that aid personal and business development. Here, we connect you to the best of online and offline streams of income and also improve personal skills for value creation.  

Seye James


One of the hottest products among others in Expertnaire is the 72IG (A 72 hours Income Generator Implementation Program) 

72IG as the name implies, is a program that shows and teaches you what you can do between NOW and 72 hours to start earning as much as you can. Affiliates can earn as much as over N150,000 weekly online in Nigeria with Expertnaire. It sounds crazy right?! Once you start, you wouldn't want to stop.

Expertnaire's 72IG offers you your tools, materials and your landing page and other necessary steps including a 24/7 support groups and training by various experts. In 2 to 3 days time, you are already set to start marketing and making money

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72IG Income Generator Implementation Program

You get to exchange ideas and skills with expert colleagues in the 24/7 support forums and know more about the market, what people want and how you can provide value for people.

Joining Expertnaire's 72IG will further help your other businesses to grow if you already have one whether online or offline. There is no limit to how much you can earn and your products can give you unbelievable income for decades.

That is why affiliates are making money daily and cashing out big time every Friday which is Pay-Day.

You need your android phone with data. And you have to dedicate some portion of time to what you start doing online. I recommend a minimum of 2 hours online at least 4 days a week.

So, is there any amount too much for people to pay in order to live the kind of life they desire? 

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(New) 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program

In a World Where 98% of Online Money-Making Opportunities Are Scams:

Complete newbies are legally making as much as N750k a month using their smart phones plus a new & simple money-making technique called the...

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About Superlife

Seye James for Superlife World
Seye James for Superlife World

What is Superlife? 

SuperLife is a 4-years-old company that is recognized for its stem cell therapeutic superfoods. With its core business as a multilevel marketing and direct selling company, its businesses are conducted under strict rulings and business etiquettes. Working alongside local authorities around the globe and its Switzerland partner Mibelle Group to produce superfoods, have made SuperLife’s business reliable and grow with strong expectations.

Building trust and reliability with leaders and consumers is what makes the business soar sky-high. The company has adopted an advanced system to allow consumers and leaders worldwide to operate their back-offices through a global app. SuperLife hopes to create not just a localized operation ground but to expand on a global scale as well.


2017 Won the Honorary ASEAN Master Class Award in Healthcare Supplement Excellence

2018 Won the Honorary Stevie Award – Startup of the Year

2019 Won the Honorary ESQR Quality Choice Award

2020 Won the Honorary The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands of the Decade Award


1. Real-time bonus payments

2. Generous and luxurious incentive programs

3. Structured training programs for new entrepreneurs and members

4. Efficient supply chain management to ensure seamless product distribution

5. Global mobile app to conduct international business with integrated online e-payments

6. Collaboration projects with top and leading research institution to discover health and wellness breakthrough.

SuperLife believes that adapting to challenges promptly will put it ahead of its competitors. The company’s young and enthusiastic go-goers have ensured the company moves with the changes of the business environment to produce quality products and service to clients.


Our aim is to evolve the network marketing industry in a positive manner, and create a healthy entrepreneurship culture throughout the world. We focus on health products which treats various health conditions on our power and proven marketing platform. SuperLife aims to transform the lives of our members for the better, where they can leave a legacy for the future generations.

Today SuperLife is an international company and we have localized operations in more than 40 countries at the moment, while we are actively expanding into many new markets. By working closely with the authorities in each country, we always ensure that our products and business adhre to all legal requirements. We are working diligently to ensure that payments systems are well-established in every country and members will have ready access to products. We strive to create localized operations on a global scale, where the operations will be seamless in every country, and all members will have an established and effective platform to build a global business network with SuperLife.


SuperLife emphasizes on product quality and R&D and we collaborate with leading research institutions to produce organic foods and supernutrients which help prevent various health conditions. Then, we bring these highly effective and clinically proven products to the global market through our powerful marketing platform.


With one-third of the world’s population on social media, SuperLife understands it needs to continuously strengthen social media engagement while ensuring our system is competent, smooth and convenient in order to stay ahead of the curve. SuperLife aims to revolutionize the whole experience of network marketing, making it an enjoyable and interactive career through our mobile app.


In a short span of 6 months, SuperLife achieved Most Outstanding Category in ASEAN Business Award 2017, one of the most prestigious business award within ASEAN region. The rapid growth of SuperLife is unprecedented in the network marketing industry; to date, SuperLife has successfully expanded into more than 40 countries. All these is made possible with competent management, sound leadership and loyal distributors who share the same vision with SuperLife.

Search and book affordable flights to anywhere

Book cheap flight
Book cheap flight

Travelstart is Africa’s leading online travel agency. Based in sunny Cape Town, we have offices across Africa and the Middle East where hundreds of Travelstarters are dedicated to rocking your travel world. We want our customers to spend less time planning their travels and more time on holiday. Our mission is to save you time, money and stress with our simple online booking platform. You can search, compare and book your travel all in one place.

What does Travelstart do?

Travelstart is your one-stop online travel shop. So forget browsing the streets or the web for the latest flight deals. With low ticket prices on international and domestic flights from all your favourite airlines, vehicle hire options from top car rental companies and hotel reservations bookable for properties on every continent, we offer something for every traveller’s budget.

Why book with Travelstart?

Ain’t nobody got time for queues, spending hours hunting down deals or changing your plans to accommodate an airlines’ schedule. At Travelstart all the best travel airlines and flight deals can be found, compared and booked quickly and safely, using multiple payment methods. You can mix and match departing and return cheap flights on different airlines and book flexible tickets. Need travel insurance for your visa application, buy it as you checkout!

Your Own Business Training Program or Courses are Here. 

And more.......

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Women's Health Tips.


This book is all about

(1). Enabling You Lower the Chances of Childbirth Injuries Significantly,

(2). Understanding the Different Body Equations of You and Your Husband and How these could affect Childbirth, and What to do Differently if Your Type has More Risk of Injuries at Childbirth,

(3). Learning to Make the Healthiest and Wisest Choices for Yourself and Your Baby in Terms of Foods, Fruits, Supplements, etc. 

(4). How to Avoid the Pitfalls that Make the Birthing Process Take Longer with More Pain and How to Avoid such and many more..

To get access to your book, click here

P.S - Make sure to read through all details before purchasing any product.

Top 11 Online Business Ideas for Nigerians in 2021 

24 Jul 2021

Idea no 01 - Success is in your hand

Who doesn't like the money ?

First, a word of warning: There aren’t ‘Get rich quick’ schemes.

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick by making money online, then you’re in the wrong place.

Don’t be fooled by the pictures of expensive cars, mansions, or working from the beach. Every single one of them worked for a long time and it is the result of their hard work.

Many of these methods require some investment of time and/or money to get started. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll reap the reward.


ldea no 02

Wake up at an ungodly hour. Drive to the office through total gridlock, streets jammed with other half-asleep commuters. Slog through email after mind-numbing email until the sweet release at five o’clock.

Sound terrible?

What if, instead of dealing with the monotony and stupor of the rat race to earn a few bucks, you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep?

That’s the concept behind affiliate marketing.

Isn't it inspiring?

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products and when that some one buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

Every big company like Amazon, Apple, Google have an affiliate program, which is free to join by any individual across the globe. If you didnot knew about this, then pay close attention to rest of this guide, my friend, you are about to discover one of the most interesting aspect of making money from home.

This commission varies from $1 to $2000  depending on what product you are promoting.

 Here is how affiliate marketing works in 4 simple steps:

  • You join an affiliate program.
  • Youpick a product to promote (You will get a unique affiliate link)
  • You share the link via Social media, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or any other formWhen someone makes a purchase. 
  • You earn a handsome affiliate commission. As simple as that...!!

Some High paying Affiliate Programs :
Other Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

1. Amazon Affiliate 

Amazon takes credit as the world’s largest online retailer till date. It is widely known for it’s established industries through mass scale and technological innovation.

Perhaps, you’ve probably heard the name Amazon countless times and probably bought from their online store because of the massive network. They have lots of products to promote in all niches that you can think of.

They accept Nigerians and they do a direct transfer. But you need to make sure that you have a payoneer account because this easiest and best way to receive payment on Amazon

Importantly, the best way to drive traffic with this affiliate program is to start a niche blog that draws the attention of a unique set of targeted audience interested in a particular product on Amazon. This is one of the affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria with a very high commission, and it is not difficult to be a part of this and earn online.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Amazon Affiliate Registration 

2. Click Funnels

ClickFunnels is a software as a service(SaaS) platform. They pay you a recurring income for life for every customer you refer. The platform is simply a sales funnel that can be intentionally used to promote anything. ClickFunnels is an all-in-one platform. And guess what? That’s not all. The number one purpose of ClickFunnels is simply to generate leads and sales funnels that will definitely boost traffic and ensure an increased conversion rate.

Benefits of Using ClickFunnels

With this platform, you can integrate major e-mail and payment systems fasterYou can easily set up funnel pages quicklyLots of professionally designed templates are available

Also, you have access to a 100% training to become a successful affiliate marketing expert through their ClickFunnel Affiliate Bootcamp. You shouldn’t miss this training for any reason.

Affiliate Sign Up LinkClickfunnel Affiliate Registration 

3. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is another profitable Affiliate network, award-winning with over 10,000 advertisers on the network. The most interesting part of this is that they provide tools like a comprehensive report for measuring the performance of your affiliate adverts.

For referrals, you have to fill out a refer-a-friend form and send it to the network and then wait for your approval.

Another very interesting feature of FlexOffers is that you can as well refer affiliates and makeup to 50% of the affiliate profit from your referral. You don’t have to worry about your location when it comes to payment. FlexOffer is one of the hot affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria with a high commission rate.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: FlexOffer Affiliate Registration 

4. Jumia Kol Program

I think everyone should be quite familiar with Jumia already. Just like Amazon, it’s way too popular. The bright side of this affiliate program is that you don’t need a website to apply. You can sign up and get accepted right now, its really easy to sign up.

In December 2020, Jumai announced to all it’s partners that as of December 8th, 2020 it’s Jumai Affiliate program will become Jumai Kol program. 

However, if you must know, just because their commission is low doesn’t mean that you can’t some income with Jumia Kol program.

The secret to this is simple. You need to build a whole website for this purpose, then work on driving quality targeted traffic to your website. It’s until you do this that you can make a reasonable success with Jumia Kol program. They pay directly to your bank account as well.

How to Join the Jumia Kol Program

Kindly visit Jumai Kol Affiliate registration pagethen fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you’re qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Kol Program.

You can join now and start promoting offers.

How to Promote the Jumia Kol Program

Once you log in to the Jumia KOL program site, you can build banners, use links and also be able to get App links. You can also promote links on your website or share on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How Jumia Kol program Works

This program works like any other. You only share a link about offers and items on sale on Jumia with the people you meet online and also if they buy and earn a commission.

You must be wondering how Jumia tracks the links to know a lead bought product right? It’s time to stop wondering because the link you get from Jumia actually has a tracking code on it. So once the link is being clicked, it registers on Jumia’s server and at the same time, a cookie (with a 7 day lifespan after the click) is stored on the clickers device.


You can start a blog that mainly focuses on product reviews, a perfect example is Jumia gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. If this is too competitive, you can go for something else you have flair for.

You might be surprised at the kind of traffic you’ll get from this. Jumia Kol program is a really hot affiliate marketing programs to partake in Nigeria with high commission.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Jumai KOL Affiliate Program Registration

Other affiliate programs in Nigeria

a. Wakanow Affiliate Program

Just like Travel start, Wakanow is a travel agency network. They are into hotel bookings, airport pickups, tour packages, etc. As a Wakanow affiliate marketer, You’ll earn good commission for every customer you bring to them.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Wakanow Affiliate Program Registration

b. Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Expertnaire Affiliate Program Registration is an online marketplace focused mainly with knowledge-based digital products. This affiliate marketing system was founded by Toyin Omotoso. According to the majority of the partners, Expertnaire is gradually becoming Nigeria’s biggest affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Expertnaire Affiliate Program Registration

c. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is one of the largest community of freelancers in the world today. There are higher chances are you’ve heard about it before and one of the quickest ways to make money online is by providing your services through Fiverr. But if you fall into the category of individuals that don’t have any service to offer, you can also make money online through Fiverr Affiliate program.

Basically, Fiverr bring together those in need of a particular service and those offering those services. The service that you find on Fiverr includes web development, Social media management, content writing, graphics design, SEO, SMM etc. Hence, for every referral you bring for any of these services offered, you earn a certain commission. 

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Fiverr Affiliate Program Registration

d. Luno Affiliate Program

Luno is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It is popularly known for buying of bitcoin using credit cards. They make it easy to buy bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, bitcoin cash and lots more easily with just your credit card.

Perhaps, Luno allows you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies into cash and send directly to your local bank account.

Also, with Luno, you and your referral get 250 Naira worth of bitcoin when you make a deposit into your Luno wallet and buy or sell bitcoin valued at 5,000 Naira (with the exclusion of Luno exchange)

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Luno Affiliate Program Registration

e. Konga Affiliate Program

Konga affiliate program is similar to Jumia Kol program. But one major difference is that Konga affiliate is stricter compared to Jumai Kol program.
One of the requirements to apply is to own a website ready to promote Konga products and they review every application for their affiliate program. And for the payment, you will receive it directly to your local bank account that you will provide during registration.

As mentioned earlier, one of the smartest ways to promote affiliate offers on networks like Konga, Amazon, JVzoo, Jumia, etc is to start a niche blog specific to the product or related those products that you plan to promote as an affiliate.
Affiliate Sign Up Link: Konga Affiliate Program Registration


Past weekly payouts, alerts and updates (Past weekly payouts till date)

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Make online payments from Nigeria

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Free Money Making Tips and Updates

31 Jul 2021

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Your single biggest challenge as an affiliate is generating traffic.

If you're a newbie.. and you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Master how to buy/drive quality traffic and you'll never be broke.
  • Then team up with a copywriter and build an empire.

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